Phase II Goes Live

Voxilla has been in the midst of a complete corporate makeover in 2006, from the inside out.

We have completely revamped our back-end systems to provide for greater accountability and inventory control, as well as increased responsiveness in our fulfillment and support endeavors.

Even though it’s been a challenging year from a pure device sales perspective, it feels like we’ve made a lot of progress as a company.

We have also been re-designing our public-facing presence, Phase I of which rolled out with the new Forum about two weeks ago. Today we went live with Phase II, the the new Voxilla News and Information site.

Although we had hoped to roll out in concert with VON last week, it just wasn’t quite right, and looking at it today, I’m glad we waited. I like our new look, even if there’s a little too much red going on — but that will get fixed in short order.

The idea is to get back to what launched this company, which was fresh, incisive content on the people, products, and issues driving the growth of our industry, and I believe now we’ve got a platform we can use to achieve our goals.

Phase III is the new Voxilla Store, which we’d love to have public by the end of the month. Stay tuned for details and some “Grand Re-Opening” Specials.