Skype continues to break the ties that bind

Like a butterfly breaking free of its cocoon, Skype continues its break from the computer as an increasing number of manufacturers introduce stand-alone Skype devices.

Now Skype is going to make it even easier for manufacturers to deliver computer-free Skype to consumers.

Using Research Triangle Park, NC-based Trinity Convergence’s embedded VoIP software, Skype is offering a turnkey software package that device manufacturers can use to build Skype into a variety of devices – including wired phones, WiFi phones and PDAs. One phone incorporating the software, the Sony mylo, has already hit retailer shelves.

Several manufacturers are jumping on the stand-alone Skype bandwagon including Belkin, Edge-Core, NETGEAR, Panasonic, Phillips, Sony, SMC and USI. Most recently, router manufacturer NETGEAR began shipping its SPH101 phone, which is the company’s first VoIP-specific product. The phone is priced around $250. It began shipping in North America last week and should be available in Europe and Asia by early October.