The Magic Of IP Communications

If there is one thing the schlep to Boston proves, it’s the versatiltiy of IP communication technology.

Voxilla is a small company and because we recognize the value of presence at our industry’s premier confab, we’ve got every one of our key players outside the shipping and fulfillment department here, thousands of miles away from home base.

While it might be nice to spend our time here schmoozing and socializing, cementing relationships with people and companies we only ever have a chance to meet on-line or on the phone, negotiating new alliances, and even nosing around for new and interesting developments coming over the horizon — all the things an industry event like VON is designed to produce — we actually have a business to run.

So what we’ve done the past three days is move our operation across an entire continent, though you’d never know it by calling us on the phone.

The mobility afforded by IP communication technology allowed us to establish an East Coast outpost in a matter of hours, proving that IP telephony works.

Many of the exhibitors here show off the latest and greatest iterations of the technology, but the devices are “dumb.” They are here, you can see ’em and touch ’em and hear all about how they work in any number of deployments in the real world, but in large measure it’s theory.

Here in the Voxilla booth, the PBX solution we’re selling is the PBX we’re using. The IP phones we’re demonstrating are connected to our PBX and live to our offices in San Francisco, Montreal, and Manila. Our PhoneLabs cell phone stations are synched to my cell phone and we have two separate analog phones making and receiving wireless calls on my Cingular account.

Now, if I could just find time to do a little schmoozing.