Welcome to my SoapVox

Here’s the inside scoop on an underfunded, understaffed great adventure in the earliest days of an infant industry.

Real-time communications and even saved — text, voice, and video — as well as delivered content, all will soon be provided and organized on the internet.

Voxilla was born to the task of reporting this phenomenon’s events as they unfold, to creating a community where the joys of discovery and application are shared, and where honest, unbiased information can be found about products and providers spawned by this technology.

From that place Voxilla has been devoted to delivering high-quality, low-cost solutions using Internet Communications technology to end-users and enterprises alike.

And here we are, three years later, reinventing ourselves to stay on the building swell of a wave not yet ready to crest.

I believe the primary task of the Internet Communications industry remains education. The vast majority of people — “decision makers” in corporate parlance — are not yet aware of the possibilities promised by IC technology.

This website, and this column will endeavor to rectify that situation.

I’m the Chief Information Officer here at Voxilla, and I certainly do feel sometimes like the repository of all things needed. Fortunately, my colleagues share my pain.

We are each of us anxious and hopeful for the next phase of Voxilla’s growth, and we are grateful and honored by the manufacturing, distribution, and sales relationships we’ve cultivated since 2003.
I hope to inspire comments and conversation by my efforts with this column, and to build a venue where anyone interested in IP Communications will feel at home.