Nay-saying Innovation Through Blogging

This is probably a futile attempt to prevent a flood of discontent with a pinkie's worth of words, but I'll try anyway. The so-called VoIP Blogosphere, which is rapidly moving from a mutual admiration society to a constantly-mention-each-other-in-order-to-jointly-grow-our-Google-dollars society, has grown enough to actually have an impact on the success of new products. It looks, from posts from a number of sources in the past day or so, that the latest target of the chummy "me too" … [Read more...]

VoIP for Slowskys

In the last few months you've probably seen Comcast's TV ads featuring Bill and Karolyn Slowsky, the turtles who like their Internet like they move - slow. Now OPEX Communications wants to lure the Slowskys onto the VoIP bandwagon. On Wednesday, Elk Grove, IL-based OPEX introduced its Web-based Click-2-Dial VoIP. The service appears to be identical to what JAJAH has been offering for the past year: Enter the number you want to call into the Web site and OPEX connects the call and rings your … [Read more...]

Poking The Skunk

Seems our Director of Engineering may have ignighted a bit of a dust-up with his VON wrap post, wherein he gave his honest opinion about the IP Communications Industry confab held in Boston from September 12 - 14. Today, a full two weeks after the fact, I've got people in my ear and in my face pointing out how Tom Keating over at TMC and Garrett Smith at VoIPSupply picked up on Eric's post and used it to get a little conversation going about the health and direction of the IP … [Read more...]

Have Number Will Travel

For Archimedes it was the bathtub. For Craig Walker, the eureka moment came during a routine airplane trip. “Every time a cross country flight lands, what’s the first thing everyone does?” he asks. “They check their messages. I’d check my [cell phone] messages, then I’d dial into work. I might even call in for messages at home. And then I’d start the process of calling all those people back. “I got sick of waiting for service providers,” he adds. “[I … [Read more...]