I like the idea of saving money from switching to VoIP but I’m afraid of security…Are VoIP calls secure; where can I find more information on this?

Many people worry about compromising their network security when switching to VoIP, because certain firewall ports must be opened to allow VoIP calls to be made. Security is only an issue if your service provider is not reliable and does not have security measures in place. Most established VoIP providers have reliable security protocols and network security is not an issue. It's important to research more recent companies, as the less established ones may or may not have the necessary security … [Read more...]

In researching VoIP providers I have found that local and long distance calls are priced the same; how can VoIP providers do this and not lose money?

When calls are placed over the internet using VoIP, the physical distance is of minimal importance. Calls made within the same country are no different from those made within the same city, due to the established infrastructure of the public internet. … [Read more...]

How long does it take to set up my phones once I sign up with a VoIP service provider?

If you buy your IP phones pre-provisioned from your service provider, the phones should take only a matter of minutes to set up. Initial provisioning time varies for different phones, but the majority fall in the 1-5 minute range. If you are provisioning your phones yourself, this may take a bit longer, but shouldn't take longer than 10 to 20 minutes. … [Read more...]

Is P2P SIP Poised to Out-Hype Skype?

With its home-page download counter incrementing by the second, much like McDonald's used to boast on its signs about the number of burgers sold, there's little question that Skype is way ahead of the pack in the peer-to-peer VoIP arena. But backers of the SIP protocol are on the brink of releasing what VoIP pioneer Erik Lagerway believes is a vastly more useful and powerful open-source alternative. … [Read more...]