FCC: Cut Off Non-Responding VoIP Users

The Federal Communications Commission has finally broken its silence and now says VoIP service providers must drop customers who don't reply "affirmatively" to communications about E911 service limitations. But the agency did throw providers a bone, giving them an extra month to collect the data. … [Read more...]

VoIP Providers Worry as FCC Clams Up

Service providers are scrambling to meet a July 29 federal deadline to get "affirmative acknowledgment" from their customers about VoIP's 911 service limitation. So will they have to cut-off subscribers that don't respond? No one knows, and the FCC, which did an abrupt about face when it imposed strict 911 regulations on VoIP last month, is silent on the matter. … [Read more...]

PhoneGnome: The Hot Rod of ATAs

Internet pioneer David Beckemeyer thinks VoIP should be cheap, easy and readily available. And his invention, the PhoneGnome, a souped up version of the Linksys/Sipura SPA3000, takes a bold step in that direction. With its elegant power and no-brainer configuration, the PowerGnome just may be the future of the ATA. … [Read more...]

VoIP Fraud: The Industry’s Best-Kept Secret

Widespread fraud is the biggest problem facing VoIP, and it is costing service providers of all sizes millions of dollars, causing customers severe service headaches and forcing at least one provider to go belly-up. Worse still, the credit card companies and major carriers are making a killing off it. … [Read more...]