Sipura Rolls On After Sale

The VoIP device manufacturer is showing no signs of slowing down in the innovation department even after the late April announcement that it is being bought by Linksys. Sipura has announced a new two-port telephone adaptor, significant software upgrades to its existing line of products, and major enhancements to the popular SPA-3000 phone adaptor.

Sipura Technology is showing no signs of slowing down in the innovation department even after the late April announcement that the company was being bought by Linksys, a subsidiary of Cisco Systems.

This week, Sipura has announced a new two-port Voice over IP telephone adaptor, the SPA-2002, as well as significant software upgrades to its existing line of products, including major Sipura SPA-2002enhancements to the popular SPA-3000 FXO-FXS adaptor.

With a similar configuration to the SPA-2000, Sipura's highly successful adaptor, which was released at the end of 2003 and helped revolutionize the consumer VoIP industry, the SPA-2002 supports a new case and form factor similar to the recently-released SPA-1001.

Like the SPA-2000, the SPA-2002 includes two FXS ports that can be configured independently with two different service providers. In addition, the SPA-2002 has twice the amount of system memory as the SPA-2000, which gives Sipura the ability to provide further enhancements to the device. One enhancement that will use this extra memory is T.38 support for faxing, which will be available in a later firmware release.

Much like the SPA-1001 replaced the SPA-1000, the SPA-2002 will, for the most part, replace the SPA-2000 in Sipura's product lineup. Though Sipura insists the SPA-2000 will “continue to be manufacured and supported” to meet the demands of the large base of service providers deploying the device, there is little question that the more powerful SPA-2002, priced similarly to it's older brother, will usurp a large part of the company's existing two-port device business.

The SPA-2002 will be available through authorized resellers and service providers beginning May 10.

The enhancements to Sipura's existing product line include more granular and detailed device logging, auto-adjustment of daylight savings time, and increased compatibility with other SIP implementations.

Probably one of the most useful changes will be for people who use the SPA ATAs for faxing or data. The devices will have an improved ability to auto-detect fax and modem tones, causing the device to automatically go into a mode optimized for fax and data over IP. It will also be possible to force the adapter into this mode using a star code.

The enhancements to the SPA-3000, a very popular adaptor among “do-it-yourself” VoIP enthusiasts because of its built-in gateway functionality, includes an often-requested feature allowing PSTN calls to be routed directly to a VoIP destination without the SPA-3000 “answering” the PSTN line until the VoIP destination answers.

Other improvements will allow the use of “flash-hook” to the PSTN line from the VoIP gateway and the FXS port. In total, these improvements will allow users to make a PSTN line available through SIP while continuing to make use of the features of the PSTN line dependent on flash-hook, such as call waiting and three-way calling.

Sipura plans to make these features and other enhancements and bug fixes available via a firmware upgrade, which will be available to all Sipura customers at Sipura's Support Center.