FCC to VoIP: ‘Be Like the Phone Company’

The Federal Communications Commission is ordering VoIP service providers to offer 911 service similar to that offered by telecom giants such as SBC and Verizon in a mere 120 days. Industry advocates say the action is anti-competitive, will prove costly to consumers and actually stifles the type of innovation that could lead to more robust and efficient emergency calling services. … [Read more...]

Broadvoice Blames Problems on Telecom Carrier

Significant service outages that BroadVoice customers have been experiencing for a week is the result of a "unilateral" service interruption by one of the provider's carriers, according to an open letter to Broadvoice customers from a company official. The carrier, though not named in the letter, is Bermuda-based Global Crossing, which has been trying to dump its consumer VoIP customers in favor of more profitable enterprise pastures. … [Read more...]

Will 911 Difficulties Derail VoIP?

Service providers are bracing for a major sea change as the feds prepare to impose first-ever regulations requiring them to offer enhanced emergency calling services. Some providers, including telecom giant AT&T, are saying they may have to pull the plug on existing customers if new FCC Chief Kevin Martin gets his way when the commission meets next week. Not helping the VoIP providers' cause is the recent death of an infant in Forida, whose parents tried to call 911 on their Vonage line … [Read more...]

Sipura Rolls On After Sale

The VoIP device manufacturer is showing no signs of slowing down in the innovation department even after the late April announcement that it is being bought by Linksys. Sipura has announced a new two-port telephone adaptor, significant software upgrades to its existing line of products, and major enhancements to the popular SPA-3000 phone adaptor. … [Read more...]