VoicePulse Lures Others’ Customers With Cash

New Jersey-based residential VoIP service provider is betting that a cash incentive of $50 will persuade users of other services to jump ship.

VoicePulse is betting that cash incentives will persuade VoIP users looking for better service to sign up with the New Jersey-based company.

A “Competitive Upgrade” program, recently announced by the company, offers customers of competing VoIP services — both current and past — a $50 cash reward for trying the VoicePulse service. In addition, the company is dropping its sign-up cost to $29 from $79.

The offer includes an analog telephone telephone adaptor and all of the VoicePulse's vaunted basic and advanced features. The offer is open to customers of services such as Vonage, AT&T CallVantage, Packet8, Verizon VoiceWing, as well as “other nationwide residential VoIP” providers.

“The painful part of signing on to any service is the startup cost,” says VoicePulse CEO Ravi Sakaria. “No matter how well we fare in user reviews that's still an obstacle. Now it costs effectively zero to try us out — plus $20 in your pocket. Everybody understands saving.”

Signing up isn't hard. Customers are asked to provide some evidence that they at one time signed up for VoIP service from another provider. A printout of a login screen or a billing webpage is sufficient as evidence.

Sakaria says that two years of rapid growth for the company have provided the base for this type of aggressive marketing.

While declining to state how many customers VoicePulse has signed up, Sakaria says the company isn't losing money.

“This is all a result of the scale we've reached,” Sakaria said. “We're not burning money.”

“We've been focused on achieving break even from day one,” Sakaria said. “We achieved that about six months ago and now, even with this offer we're still at break even.”

Sakaria believes that the company's gambit will pay off in long-term revenues. “We feel that once customers try VoicePulse, they won't regret it.”