Sipura’s CEO Strikes Gold – Again

Company's acquisition by Cisco marks the second time serial entrepeneur and Sipura founder Jan Fandrianto has sold a leading edge VoIP company to the networking giant. The first, in 2000, led to the creation of the VoIP consumer market. Some believe the latest merger is what may make VoIP a mass-market staple. … [Read more...]

First Looks: AOL VoIP Service Keeps it Simple

Internet giant's CallWays service looks a lot like the company's well-worn content site: Easy-to-use, attractive at first glance, but over-burdened with ads and less-than-useful pop-ups. All-in-all, a worthy, albeit expensive, first stab. … [Read more...]

No Need for Alarm Over Home Security and VoIP

Vonage may have the marketing clout to make a splash in announcing a partnership with to provide security monitoring services sans the traditional phone company. But there are other solutions for the security-conscious VoIP user who wants to cut the PSTN cord. … [Read more...]

VoicePulse Lures Others’ Customers With Cash

New Jersey-based residential VoIP service provider is betting that a cash incentive of $50 will persuade users of other services to jump ship. … [Read more...]