Asterisk Euro-Bash Planned

What do you do for an encore when your first Asterisk-only conference attracts four times the expected audience? Astricon organizers Olle E. Johansson and Steve Sokol have an answer: Do it again, in Spain. … [Read more...]

New FCC Chief Not So VoIP-Friendly

Voice over IP Service providers, accustomed to a generally regulation-free environment under FCC Chairman Michael Powell, may find things are a bit different under, Kevin Martin, President Bush's appointee to replace Powell. Martin has advocated policies that would require VoIP providers to contribute directly to a Universal Service Fund, which some say is like forcing new technologies to subsidze the aging PSTN system. … [Read more...]

Beginning of the End for the ATA?

Four major VoIP service providers are quickly ramping up to offer their residential customers IP-based cordless systems, which circumvent the need for analog telephone adaptors. … [Read more...]

AOL Looks to Reboot With VoIP

America Online (AOL), once a titan of internet service providers that has lately fallen on difficult times, is pinning its future aspirations on Voice over IP. The company will launch a consumer VoIP service to its online customers in April. … [Read more...]