BroadVoice Has a Rock Star

Lowell, MA-based VoIP provider BroadVoice might just have landed it's own celebrity rock star. According to BroadVoice President David Epstein, Steven Tyler, lead singer of the rock band Aerosmith (and father of actress Liv Tyler), tried out the company's VoIP service at the Panasonic booth during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. Tyler made a few calls using the service and, Epstein said. was so satisfied with the quality he signed up on the spot for the company‚Äôs … [Read more...]

Vonage Announces WiFi Phone Release

New Jersey-based VoIP provider Vonage announced today that it will soon be offering its subscribers a WiFi telephone that can be used to make calls over the internet at WiFi-enabled homes and public hot-spots. According to the company, the new phone, called the F-1000 and manufactured by California-based UTStarcom, will be sold for "around $100" and be available to Vonage subscribers in the second quarter of 2005. The release of the device will make Vonage the second major VoIP service … [Read more...]

One Look Back, Two Steps Forward

There was much progress in the VoIP world in 2004, though not as much as Voxilla predicted exactly one year ago. Will the pace of change accelerate in 2005? We think so. We take a peek back at our predicitions for the year gone past and don the swami cap as we look boldly into the near future of the phone. … [Read more...]