BroadVoice Has a Rock Star

Lowell, MA-based VoIP provider BroadVoice might just have landed it’s own celebrity rock star.

According to BroadVoice President David Epstein, Steven Tyler, lead singer of the rock band Aerosmith (and father of actress Liv Tyler), tried out the company’s VoIP service at the Panasonic booth during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week.

Tyler made a few calls using the service and, Epstein said. was so satisfied with the quality he signed up on the spot for the company’s Unlimited World Plan.

The front of BroadVoice’s web site now features a photo of Tyler next to the words “He tried it, he liked it, he signed up.” A link from the photo opens another, featuring Tyler at CES holding a sign that reads “VoIP Phone Service Powered by BroadVoice.”

“He seems pretty happy,” said Epstein. “There’s some possibility that the relationship will expand over time. Stay tuned.”