Study: VoIP Drives Enterprise WiFi

VoIP over wireless LANs is likely to be the application that drives enterprise Wi-Fi adoption, according to a study by Infonetics Research. The study, title “Service Provider Plans for Wi-Fi and Wireless Broadband: North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific 2005,” examined the strategies, technology requirements, and network implementation plans of 24 fixed-line and mobile service providers and wireless ISPs. It predicts future growth as multiple wireless broadband technologies evolve … [Read more...]

Open-Source PBX Battle Brewing

In the open source PBX world, Asterisk is king, but it’s no longer the only game in town. The recent release of SIPfoundry's sipX, a freely available Linux-based PBX based on software developed by Pingtel, has added a bit of competition to the mix. … [Read more...]

Whole-House VoIP Unwired

Uniden's UIP1868, set to be released in the second-quarter of this year, may revolutionize the residential VoIP space. The 5.8 GHz device, which can work with up to 10 wireless handsets, will include two VoIP lines, one optimized for fax applications. Uniden has already announced bundling agreements with three service providers and has promised to make an unlocked version of the phone directly available to consumers through retail channels. … [Read more...]

A VoIP Star Is Born

Never mind the debate over whether Voice over IP is ready for prime time, VoIP provider Packet8 is on prime time. The company's videophone has already been seen on sexy super sleuth Jennifer Garner's desk on ABC's popular primetime drama Alias, and the slick device will soon be making guest appearances on a slew of other TV shows. … [Read more...]