Is Vonage Overvalued?

To the investors who have pumped more than $200 million into the New Jersey-based VoIP pioneer, Vonage may represent the Amazon of IP telephony. But some pessimists think a more apt analogy may be that of the ill-fated WebVan. The future, of course, is probably somewhere between these extremes. But where? … [Read more...]

A New VoIP Service Approach: Unlimited Yearly

SunRocket, a relatively recent entrant in the ranks of VoIP service providers, is hoping to attract new customers — and keep them — by signing them up to one-year unlimited calling plans for $199. Will the other VoIP services follow suit? … [Read more...]

SBC Counters Its Critics

In lightning fast fashion, a company executive has flatly denied published reports that SBC's newly announced TipTop termination plan is anti-competitive and designed to give the Baby Bell a huge head-start in VoIP-to-the-home service. … [Read more...]

Baby Bell Heavyweight Jumps Into the VoIP Ring

SBC, the country's second largest telephone company, expects IP telephony to become its customers' "preferred" service and accelerates it's residential service announcement as a result of a recent FCC ruling beneficial to VoIP providers. … [Read more...]