Linksys Uses Sipura Technology in New Adaptors

Though it's a wholly owned subsidiary of Cisco Systems, which manufactures the venerable ATA-186, Linksys has introduced two new VoIP products to the market based on technology developed by VoIP customer premise equipment manufacturer — and Cisco competitor — Sipura Technology. … [Read more...]

Lingo Brings the World to North America

The relatively recent entrant to the VoIP service world, which made waves by offering $19.95 unlimited calling plans that include Europe in their footprint, is now offering its customers incoming numbers from throughout the world. … [Read more...]

Another Growth Spurt for VoicePulse

VoIP service provider expands its footprint in the West and Midwest, adds Colorado, Ohio, Oregon and Washington to its coverage, and finally offers service in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. … [Read more...]

Is StanaPhone’s Free Ride Over?

VoIP service provider abruptly discontinues its free US-wide calling offer and announces a new "pay-as-you-go" plan with competitively priced US and international rates. … [Read more...]