Consumer VoIP Test Updated

Brix Networks has enhanced its popular applet. The online test now provides critical firewall information, comparison scores and international points of presence.

Brix Networks, a provider of real-time service assurance solutions to operators of service-centric networks, today announced Version 2.0 of, the company's popular, free, Voice over Internet Protocol quality testing portal that enables users to independently measure the quality of their residential VoIP connections via a quick, user-initiated test call.

In response to increased interest in the site beyond the United States, Brix now offers new testing points in Montreal, London, and Helsinki, the latter being hosted by Creanord Oy, the company's Scandinavian partner, from that organization's data center. These three new locations join the initial two sites in Boston and San Jose.

With Version 2.0, provides even more insight and various performance metrics to prospective VoIP users about the ability of their broadband connections to successfully support VoIP. Specifically, now reports call setup and signaling quality statistics, including Post-Dial Delay, Post-Pickup Delay, Call Setup Time, and Media Delay.

Other enhancements to unveiled by Brix Networks let users:

  • Identify firewall or other environmental configurations that may restrict their ability to run VoIP;
  • E-mail a copy of their VoIP performance test results to themselves for future reference or, if they do not achieve the level of performance they require, even to the customer support department of their broadband provider;
  • Compare how their test scores stack up against other users based on time (hour, day, week), region, country, or broadband provider.

The access technology-independent site can be used by potential VoIP consumers who have cable, DSL, broadband over power line, satellite, or other broadband options.

"With more than one million hits received since the initial launch of our portal less than two months ago, it has quickly become a 'must visit' site for anyone contemplating or already using a residential VoIP service," said Tom Pincince, president and CEO of Brix Networks.

"With these new enhancements, is an even more useful and compelling tool for VoIP prospects and users alike as it accurately measures the ability of their broadband connection to support IP telephony." is powered by the Brix System, Brix Networks'award-winning VoIP performance management solution. The Brix System consists of distributed hardware test points, called Verifiers, which communicate with, and are managed by, the BrixWorx (TM) central-site software application.

With its unique Brix Tri-Q (TM) Analysis, the Brix System provides total VoIP service testing across each of the areas that impact users' experience of quality, namely: signaling quality (call setup performance), delivery quality (media path network performance), and call quality (overall voice clarity and call experience).