Voxilla To Issue Encrypted Calling Certificates

Web site will offer point-to-point calling security certificates, allowing, for the first time ever, truly encrypted phone calling on Internet telephone services such as Free World Dialup and IPTel.

Beginning March 30th, Voxilla will offer owners of the Sipura Technology line of analog telephone adaptors the ability to make point-to-point encrypted telephone calls, a first in the VoIP world.

Utilizing the built-in encryption capabilities of version 2.0 of the Sipura firmware for its SPA-2000 and SPA-1000 telephone adaptors, callers using Sipura units will be able to talk to one another and their voice will travel across the internet in digitally encrypted packets.

Voxilla will issue secure randomly generated private and public keys to users who visit a specially designed series of pages on Voxilla.com. Any two users with a verifiable key from Voxilla will be able to have an encrypted conversation. Encryption is something early adopters, particularly business users of VoIP, have publicly called for.

The encrypted service will work with peer-to-peer IP telephony service, such as Free World Dialup or IPTel. Calls to commercial VoIP services and to the PSTN system will not be encrypted. However, New Jersey-based VoIP service provider VoicePulse plans on offering encrypted calls to consumers in the 2nd quarter of 2004.

After the security keys are installed on a users adaptor, a secure telephone call can be made by dialing "*18" before the number.

In order to install a security certificate, Sipura owners will need to download and install version 2.0 firmware release for the SPA-1000 and SPA-2000 on the Sipura Technology web site.