VoicePulse Adds Several New Features

The New Jersey-based Voice over IP service provider has quietly added a number of service enhancements to its arsenal, including PSTN call redirection, multiple hunt groups, and scheduled ringing.

Voice over IP service provider VoicePulse has quietly added a number of new service enhancements to its arsenal. These include:

Enhanced multi-ring: PSTN phone lines (including international numbers) can be set to ring when a call comes in through a VoicePulse line.

Forward on busy, forward on no answer: VoicePulse has added new features to its meaty call forwarding capability. Now a user can set a number to forward calls to if his or her VoicePulse phone line is busy or not answered.

Hunt groups: VoicePulse has added a hunt group feature, which allows received calls to be routed to other numbers either in tandem or sequentially. Subscribers have the ability to "hunt" to non-VoicePulse service phones. Also, "hunt group multi-ring" capability has been included, allowing a user to set groups of numbers that will ring through each hunt sequence.

Scheduled Do Not Disturb: Allows a user to set blocks of time where the phone is prevented from ringing (i.e.: dinner time, baby's nap time, sleep time). During these blocks of time, the caller is redirected to voice mail, or will hear a busy signal if voice mail is not active.

VoicePulse President and CEO Ravi Sakaria says the new features were released during the early morning hours Wednesday, Mar. 17.

"Basically, we've built a system that lets people do whatever the heck they want," said Sakaria. "And we're still not done."