ZipGlobal Includes Asia in Unlimited Plans

ZipGlobal announced the availability of US VoIP service with unlimited service to US, Canada, China and Hong Kong.

ZipGlobal, a Quincy, MA-based provider of digital communication services, today announced the availability of US local number service.

ZipGlobal offers unlimited local and long distance calling in US, Canada, China and Hong Kong for a flat rate of $39.95 per month. The plans, designed to simplify the telecommunication experience of business and residential customers around the world, allow users to select local numbers with area codes of their choice from over 2,500 major US cities.

ZipGlobal offers two service plans:

Business Premium Plan ($39.95 per month) — Make unlimited calls to US, Canada, China and Hong Kong. Call Taiwan, Australia and much of Europe for 1¢ per minute. Select a US local number with an area code of your choice at no additional charge. Includes free in-network calling.

Value Plan (No monthly fee) — For 2¢ per minute, call US, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Calls to Taiwan, Australia and much of Europe are 2.5¢ per minute. Add a local number for $4.95 per month and pay 1¢ per minute on incoming calls.

"ZipGlobal recognizes the challenge of addressing cultural differences and communication requirements of our customers who live in North America or overseas," says Jimmy Li, ZipGlobal CEO. "Providing US local numbers is a small step towards meeting that challenge; we intend to provide local numbers in countries where our users live and work."

ZipGlobal provides advanced telephony features, tailored to the customer's mobile lifestyle and evolving calling needs. The user may use the ZipGlobal service anywhere in the world. Plug it in and make calls.

The same rates apply for calls and fax no matter where customers live or where they travel.