Sipura Announces VoIP/PSTN Gateway Adaptor

Days after announcing the release of the SPA-1000, Sipura Technology announced the SPA-3000, a powerful addition to its arsenal of telephone adators, during the Voice Over Net (VON) conference in Santa Clara, CA. … [Read more...]

Voxilla To Issue Encrypted Calling Certificates

Web site will offer point-to-point calling security certificates, allowing, for the first time ever, truly encrypted phone calling on Internet telephone services such as Free World Dialup and IPTel. … [Read more...]

First Looks: Sipura’s SPA-1000

Five months after its smash debut with the SPA-2000, Sipura Technology has released a single-port VoIP analog telephone adaptor aimed squarely at the lower-end market sector now dominated by Grandstream Networks' Handytone ATA-286. … [Read more...]

SiPphone Device Allows PSTN/Net Calls On One Phone has announced immediate availability of the Call-in-One Internet telephony adapter, which allows consumers to add free Internet calling to their standard home or office phone. … [Read more...]