VoicePulse Goes Low Bandwidth

The New Jersey-based Voice over IP provider has unveiled a new bandwidth saver featurethat allows users with limited upstream bandwidth to make toll-quality phonecalls without crippling their internet connection. … [Read more...]

Skype Offers Free Conference Calling

Skype, the fastest growing free Voice over IP telephone service provider, is now offering a peer-to-peer (P2P) Internet telephony conference calling feature, allowing up to five different parties to talk with each other simultaneously, regardless of geography. … [Read more...]

Low-Cost Video Conferencing Arrives

Convoq's ASAP, a Macromedia Flash-based client fusing instant messaging and collaboration, works with software already installed in most internet-enabled computers and virtually any off-the-shelf camera. … [Read more...]

VoIP Key to Boosting Broadband Adoption

Internet telephone service could be crucial in promoting the adoption and development of broadband, according to a market research firm. … [Read more...]