“Important” Sipura Upgrade Issued

Sipura Technology has issued a new firmware release for the SPA-2000 telephone adaptor the company says provides significant performance enhancements and fixes a number of compatability issues. … [Read more...]

Free Linux Soft Phone Released

Linux users finally have a full-featured SIP soft phone of their own. Zultys Technologies' LIPZ4 is based entirely on open standards, possesses a slew of valuable features and, best of all, is free to download. … [Read more...]

Asterisk 0.7.0 Released

The long-awaited update to Asterisk has been released, and for users of the popular open source PBX software package, the latest version offers significant enhancements and fixes. … [Read more...]

VoIP in ’04

Every year it's the same formula. Jan. 1 rolls around, the pundits become Swamis and predict away. Who wins the Oscar? Who wins the most Olympic medals? Blah blah blah. Yes, it's predictable. But news is slow now and even Voxilla needs a gimmick. So here are our Top-10 predictions for VoIP in the year to come. Look into your crystal ball and post your own. … [Read more...]