Vonage CEO Jeff Citron: Keep Your Laws Off VoIP

Jeffrey Citron, Chief Executive Officer of Vonage, is adamant when he says states have no role in regulating his company. And now, armed and at the ready with a surprisingly strong ruling from a federal judge that agrees with him, Citron is itching to fight regulation o­n Voice over IP across the country. In this interview with Voxilla, Citron talks about efforts to impose rules o­n VoIP providers, why it may be time to reconsider regulations o­n monopoly-era telephone … [Read more...]

Complete Text of Vonage v. Minnesota PUC

It's a home run for Vonage and VoIP, not just in Minnesota, but in all states. Here's the complete text of U.S. District Judge Michael J. Davis' decision to impose a permanent injunction o­n the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission's efforts to regulate Vonage as a full-fledged phone company. Davis based his decision, the ruling states, o­n "Congress's desire that information services such as those provided by Vonage must not be regulated by state law enforced … [Read more...]

Internet “Bad Boy” Michael Robertson on the Future of Phones

Michael Robertson hopes to do for internet voice protocol SIP what he did for MP3: Make it so useful, cheap and ubiquitous that it becomes a threat to an entrenched and soporific industry. MP3 took on the recording industry. Now his SIPPhone, the closest thing to plug-and-play IP-to-IP voice connectivity today, is poised to battle the telephone giants. SIPPhone's sheer simplicity, Robertson believes, will help propel VoIP to new heights. In this interview with Voxilla, Robertson talks about … [Read more...]

Federal Court Throws Out Minnesota VoIP Regulation

A federal court has issued a permanent injunction against the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission's efforts to regulate Voice over IP provider Vonage as a telephone company. A spokeswoman  for Vonage calls the ruling a "significant victory" for the company and the nascent technology. The ruling could have a significant impact as other states across the country, including California, had started to follow Minnesota's lead by regulating VoIP … [Read more...]