VoicePulse Considering “NextGen” Telephone Adaptor

VoicePulse CEO Ravi Sakaria says his company is "seriously considering" bundling a powerful new VoIP telephone adaptor manufactured by Sipura Technology with its service. … [Read more...]

Vonage to Release SoftPhone

Vonage will soon release a proprietary softphone that will allow its customers to make phone calls over the service without the use of a VoIP telephone adaptor.   … [Read more...]

Feature-Packed Telephone Adaptor to be Released

Sipura Technology, a new telephony equipment manufacturer based in San Jose, Calif., will be releasing a VoIP telephone adaptor next month that offers significantly more features and programmable options than those on the market today. Sipura's SPA-2000 was developed by Jan Fandrianto, who invented the ubiquitous ATA-186 while heading Komodo Technology, before selling the company to Cisco Systems in 2000. The unit, will be initially available only to VoIP operators, but will be sold directly … [Read more...]

Tired of the Phone Company? Build Your Own

A new service that allows individuals and businesses to set up their own virtual phone company, including distribution of incoming and outgoing calls, has been launced by VoicePulse. A company official believes the service will create new markets for entrepreneurial individuals to develop VoIP applications for businesses and residential use. … [Read more...]