VoicePulse Considering “NextGen” Telephone Adaptor

VoicePulse CEO Ravi Sakaria says his company is "seriously considering" bundling a powerful new VoIP telephone adaptor manufactured by Sipura Technology with its service.

VoicePulse President and CEO Ravi Sakaria says his company is seriously considering bundling a new telephony adaptor by Sipura with it's service.

Sakaria said Sipura's SPA-2000, developed by Jan Fandrianto, who also invented Cisco's ATA-186, promises "major advances both for service providers and the end user."

Among the features Sakaria says he finds appealing are the ability to program each of the telephone ports on the SPA-2000 to operate independently and with separate providers and programmable ringtones.

Sakaria says VoicePulse will be testing the new units and make a decision soon. "Though we still have to test them out, it looks like they've got this product down."

"At first glance, this sure does look like the next generation ATA," Sakaria said.