FWD Adds Voice Utility to Web Sites

In an effort to bring Voice over IP capablities to web sites, Free World Dialup has released an "alpha" version of "Click'n'Talk," an ActiveX control which allows visitors to click a button and speak — via voice — directly to a web site administrator.

Free World Dialup, a free community of broadband telephone users, has released an "experimental" feature that allows website administrators to receive calls from FWD users without the need of a SIP telephone or software telephone client.

The feature, called "Click'n'Talk and still in "alpha testing," was developed for FWD by Micorosoft software developer Kyle Marsh.

Click'n'Talk is written as an ActiveX control, using the Real Time Communications platform embedded in Windows XP. A website visitor will be able to use the feature if he or she is using Internet Explorer (or another browser, such as FlashPeak's SlimBrowser, that uses the Internet Explorer engine) on either the Windows XP or Windows ME operating systems.

In addition, a user is required to set security settings on the browser to allow downloading and running of ActiveX controls.

A demonstration preview of Click'n'Talk is available at http://pulver.com/fwd/demo.

According to Jeff Pulver, the founder of FWD, the alpha version of the program has some bugs to be worked out and the interface is far from complete. Pulver says future versions of Click'n'Talk will be ported to other platforms, including Windows CE.

Web site operators are able to include the feature on their sites by copying the source code directly from Pulver's demonstration site. By including a "Call Us" button on the site, visitors meeting the minimum requirements will be able to place a call from their computer to a web site operator's FWD number.

For more information on Free World Dialup, visit >http://freeworlddialup.com.