FWD Adds Voice Utility to Web Sites

In an effort to bring Voice over IP capablities to web sites, Free World Dialup has released an "alpha" version of "Click'n'Talk," an ActiveX control which allows visitors to click a button and speak -- via voice -- directly to a web site administrator. … [Read more...]

Connect between VoicePulse and Free World Dialup

VoicePulse account holders can call Free World Dialup members for free. And Free World Dialup users can connect with VoicePulse memberts as well. Here's how: … [Read more...]

Vonage Unveils BlastMe

Vonage has unveiled a new feature that will benefit subscribers with lines in different places. Called "Blast-Me," the feature allows someone to call a Vonage account holder on a single number and have multiple Vonage lines owned by the subscriber to ring. … [Read more...]

VoIP Advocates Wary of New Regulations

The recent ruling by the Minnesota state Public Utilities Commission, which declared Voice over IP provider Vonage in violation of state law by offering “telephone services . . . without first obtaining a certificate under state statutes,” is already having a ripple effect on the industry. The ruling may lead to regulations elsewhere in the country and could result in higher prices and less innovation, VoIP advocates worry. Includes sidebar describing all state actions taken so far. … [Read more...]