Provider Spotlight:

VoIPdito is a Business VoIP provider that has earned the October Spotlight because of its outstanding enterprise class cloud PBX system and its extensive features. Transform any business, no matter the size, with the VoIPdito business-class cloud system and its ability to lower costs, increase productivity, and grow with your business. VoIPdito follows their simple 3T philosophy: Telephone, Time, and Trust. These are the three pillars upon which the excellent service that VoIPdito … [Read more...]

E911 Over IP: VoIP Makes Emergency Calls Much Cheaper, Much Better

Decades-old dispatch technologies are holding E911 back,  not VoIP.

Perhaps the only remaining deterrent to consumer adoption of VoIP is the belief that Emergency 911 calling services do not work well with the technology. While this may have been true in VoIP's earliest days, it is certainly not the case now. In the US, there are plenty of E911 options available that permit VoIP users to abandon their landline with little fear that vital emergency services are unavailable. And, in some cases, VoIP-specific E911 can provide more robust emergency services … [Read more...]

FCC Buckles to Big Cable, Adopts Watered-Down VoIP Outage Rules

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski

The Federal Communications Commission has ruled that VoIP service providers will have to report major service outages to the FCC, but, in a loophole that benefits only major broadband internet service providers who also offer IP phone service, cable and DSL providers will not be required to report broader outages of the actual Internet connectivity crucial to VoIP service. The ruling is an effort to bring VoIP services in line with the outage reporting required of legacy circuit-switched … [Read more...]

A Peek at Upcoming OBi Residential and Business VoIP Adaptor Hints at Powerful Features

If you visit Obihai Technology's website ( and have a quick eye, you'll catch a glimpse of the company's next hardware release. And if you think the OBi110 and OBi100 analog telephone adaptors are helping to redefine the consumer VoIP space, then you will not be disappointed by the OBi202. According to one of four graphic boxes that swipe horizontally and quickly across the top of company's web front page, here's a bit of what Obihai claims for the OBi202: Zero-touch … [Read more...]