Voxilla Forums Goes RSS

If you haven’t seen the Voxilla Forums in a while, take a look. We’ve added a RSS feed for each of our forums.

RSS feeds are another way to access content on the Internet. News readers and news aggregation sites use RSS as a standard way to gather content.

If you use a news reader, you can now subscribe to your favorite forums. Just click on the RSS icon next to the forum name.

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  • packetvoice

    Your new site looks grrreat!
    I have been clicking randomly to brwose around and found some “broken” links.

    1. Voxilla Feeds

    * Bloglines
    * Google – I was actually trying to use this on my Google Home page. The window open but but no scroll bar – can’t get to the info.

    2. Quick reply – I can’t find any “click on quick reply” links.

    3. This WYSIWYG editor – after a number and a bullett, I can’r get to the next number.

    This just FYI.
    Keep up the graet work!


  • eric

    I’ve fixed the window open size, but I’ll have to do some further research with Bloglines.

    The Quick reply icon is , in the lower right corner of each post.

    The WYSIWYG editor is part of vBulletin, so we are stuck with it’s functionality.

  • PhoneBoy

    The forums have had RSS feeds since you guys moved to vBulletin. What you probably did was make the RSS feeds “easier to find.” Either way, that’s a good thing.